Subscription Packages For Junior Golf Club Sets

In the game of golf, your club can make or break your performance. This is particularly true for young golfers; kids need a high-quality junior golf club sets in the right size to perfect their skills on the course.

At Callaway Junior, we help the next generation of golfers succeed. That’s why we’ve developed our kid’s golf club subscription service! A Callaway Junior kid can be a golf superstar, thanks to their set of Callaway clubs in the right size.

Select the clubs that fit your child's current height. When they outgrow the clubs, come back to Callaway Junior and get a new size.

Select Club

Select Club

Arrive at your Door

Arrive at your Door

Swing Away

Swing Away

Grow with Callaway

Grow with Callaway

From just $15/month

Get Started

Growing with the Game. Made Easy.

Signing up for Callaway Junior is fast and easy. Simply tell us your child’s height and dominant hand, and we’ll send a junior golf club sets to your door. Your kid can play to their heart’s content with great clubs!

Once your child has outgrown their golf set, just send it back to Callaway Junior. We’ll send you the next size up, so your kid can get right back out there for another nine holes -- even get the whole family involved!

Get them started with the Callaway club lengths, weights and lofts designed to give kids everything they need to play well. When they outgrow the first set of clubs, simply return to Callaway Junior to select the next size. We'll send out the new clubs and take back the old.

Returning and Exchanging Your Club is an Easy as 1-2-3

Email Return

1. Email to get your return instructions

Send Back

2. Send your clubs back to us*

Cancel Order

3. We'll send the next size up or cancel your order

*Customer is responsible for return postage cost


With Callaway Junior, you will get the very best junior golf club sets for your kids, from $15.00 per month. Your kids will enjoy playing golf even more, and you’ll see 30-50% savings -- it’s a win-win!

Do you want to know more about our kid’s golf club subscription service? The Callaway Junior team is here to answer all of your questions. You can check out our FAQ page here, or contact us by emailing